• Research

    Social media research is one of our favourites. This gives a eagle eye view to see what possible angle can be the best to reach more customers with less efforts.

    • In-depth Competitor & Complementor Analysis
    • Content Category & Virality Analysis
    • Creative and Technical Analysis
  • Experiments

    In Social Media, it's always engagement first, and business next.We test a lot with our post copies and creative concepts. Everything is linked back few KPIs set to go through the process of rinsing and repeat. In Social Media, it's always engagement first, and business next. We strongly believe in this.

    • Post Format & Post Publishing Experiments
    • Content Category & Content Language Experiments
    • Experiments with new or beta features
  • Scale & Innovate

    We believe in Do Less, Get More philosophy. With insights from our experiments, we scale social media efforts to move to the next phase of social branding. We've built our own systems to keep innovating social media ideas in-house. This has been helpful especially when you have insights from experiments stage.

    • Change of Voice & Influencer Opportunities Review
    • Crowdsourcing ideas for scale
    • Integrating Organic with Paid Social Efforts