• Audit

    While we on-board, we do extensive audit of your past paid marketing activities. Our set of in-house and external tools combined with teams' experience will provide way forward steps aligning with the business goals.

    • Audit existing ad accounts
    • Mine insights from existing traffic sources
    • Segment business data from CRM or Email Marketing
  • Research

    With benchmarking data, our expert team go deeper into current trends from competitors & complementors. In this stage, we will know what channels are best to go with, cost estimates & forecasts.

    • In-depth Competitor & Complementor Analysis
    • Customer Life Cycle Review for CPL, CPA/CAC & key business metrics
    • Cost estimates and Performance Forecasts
  • Experiments

    Testing goes without saying. We at Amplifiko tests every single element of paid campaigns starting from keywords till thank you page follow-ups. We do A/B tests and multi-variate tests for most of our clients with sizeable budgets.

    • Ads Experiment - Text, Image, Video
    • Landing Page Experiments
    • Lead to Sale Experiments
  • Scale & Stabilize

    With data from experiments, this is the time to scale and stabilize the campaigns. Lot of optimization on budgets on a unit level is involved.

    • Day Parting & Month Parting
    • AI based Bid Optimization
    • Offline Import for Lead based businesses